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Made for unlimited luxury. These weightlessly comfortable and exclusively finished mattresses are handmade by our most experienced bed makers. Every material is sourced from the rarest place. And every stitch is expertly threaded. The end result is a mattress collection that has to be felt to be understood. The culmination of over 100 years’ work. Our best yet.

Diamond Majesty

Our most luxurious. Made with ultra-rare materials like royal alpaca, and carefully crafted by our most experienced bed makers.

Masterpiece Superb

Made with indulgent cashmere, smooth silk and fluffy alpaca for the ultimate mattress filling.

Signatory Superb

A blend of cotton, cashmere and other natural fibres surround your body for an unforgettable night’s sleep.
Cashmere Superb Corner

Cashmere Superb

Exclusive natural fillings: blended British fleece wool, cotton, cashmere and silk.

Sublime Superb

Carefully chosen wool, silk and mohair fill the bed with comfort for an all-over sensation of calm.

Tiara Superb

Deep-filled with the unique fleeciness of Shetland Wool for a luxurious and relaxing sleep.


These uniquely comfortable mattresses are handmade with care and precision. Each design is supported by layers of Vispring-made vanadium steel springs, while on top we’ve added soft natural materials like fine horsehair for a night’s sleep of rare comfort


The perfect blend of comfort and support with the softness of Shetland wool and the luxury of Mulberry silk.

Regal Superb

Comfortable and supportive, it mirrors your body shape with its deep filling of soft fleece and Shetland wool.


Combines all the classic elements of comfortable sleep – supportive, naturally filled and moisture-wicking.


Experience handmade comfort in this simple mattress collection. Each design is finished with hand-tufted British wool and cotton, Vispring-made vanadium steel pocket springs and the most comfortable natural fillings we could find.


Made to support your entire body as you sleep, we’ve added natural fillings to create a soft and comfortable core.


With hand-teased Devonshire fleeces for an exceptionally resilient and comfortable sleeping surface.


Traditionally handmade, enjoy an incredibly comfortable sleeping surface that’s cool and moisture-wicking.